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Bologna 2014 - foto

08/09/2014 21:24
At the top of one of Two Tower of Bologna - our group and our friend Lucka (from Pavel Soldan's group)...

Nanoschool 2014

29/08/2014 13:26
We had two lectures for high school students from BiGY (link to ) at NANOSchool 2014 organised by Dr K. Stejskalová from UFCH. Nice photogallery can be found on BiGY Dr O. Votava spoke about spectroscopy and its application in modern physics and...

Bologna 2014

29/08/2014 13:12
We are going to presentate our research - 3 posters and 1 conference talk.    

Seminar of Students 2014

29/04/2014 12:44
We had an oral presentation at Seminar of Students 2014 at Liblice chateau ( Here we attach some photos. Vitek and Ondrej concencrating on presentation. Vitek in the middle of his enthusiastic presentation.

Martin Kurfirt's fellowship under project Open Science III

06/04/2014 20:43
From October 2013 to March 2014 we had the honor to collaborate with a new colleague secondary student Martin Kurfiřt from The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod (link: Nowadays Martin studies his final yeart at the school...

SASP conference

17/02/2014 16:17
We had a poster presentation at SASP 2014. Here, we attach some foto...

The new web site!

08/02/2014 14:35
Today, we start our new web site...

New event

07/02/2014 20:19
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